The details are not the details; they make the product.

Art is interaction. It's emotions. It includes movement, unity, variety, balance, contrast, and proportions. The texture, form, shape and colour create a unique pattern of the work.

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Arteo water resistant floors

Arteo draws inspiration from the source of passion – the interior of emotions, thanks to which also your interior participates in the meeting of art and technology.

  • 48h water resistance

  • High abrasion class

  • High usability class

  • Bevelled edges

  • Synchro structure

What Arteo is?

Arteo is design in the service of functionality. This is a conscious designing, which takes into account the natural needs of interacting with the perfect form, thanks to which we get a product, whose synchronicity of laminate can be sensed by us with every step. If we add to this a wide range of colours, multidimensionality, perfect v-groove finish, we will quickly find out that Arteo’s floors and design are synonymous.


Each ARTEO product is created with attention to the smallest detail. At ARTEO, we design according to the principles of applied art and we do not forget that functionality is of paramount importance over originality, creativity and beauty.


Pouring, spilling, flooding – with ARTEO floors it is not a problem anymore. The real water resistance of our panels tames the element of water in every room. No matter if it is a kitchen, bathroom or living room - water no longer affects your floor. By choosing ARTEO, you can be sure that it is protected by an effective barrier.

Megaloc aqua protect system

We have improved our innovative panel joining system. Keeping its simplicity and speed of installation, we have focused on making it an effective barrier against flooding. Additionally, we have modified other elements of our panels. Thanks to this, we have achieved a mega-effective 48-hour water resistance,

Dedicated 80th skirtings

WATER RESISTANT FINISH. The collection is made of HDF with increased resistance to moisture, and its stability is due to high density and the highest production standards. 80th skirting boards are made of raw materials from controlled sources, and they are also manufactured in a technology that is safe for the environment.